How to deal with a flea infestation (infographic)

Fleas are something no dog owner wants to come across. That’s why most dog owners use frontline. But, even at times fleas can sneak onto your dog. It only takes 1 or 2 fleas for a whole group of them to take over your dogs body. The smart thing to do if you find one is to take action right away.
My pack of dogs all got fleas before and let me tell you it was hell. They got the fleas from my cats because they were feral at the time. So, when my dogs met my new cats the fleas spread. Oh my gosh, let me tell you it was bad. They would itch and chew at themselves all day long. This went on for months until we killed every last one of the pesky fleas.
There is a lot of different flea shampoos, sprays and medicine that is out there. I recommend you do your research before getting any flea products. You want to make sure it is safe and it actually is going to work. The best choice is to ask your vet.

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    I have found that when I treat my dog’s bedding with flea and egg control spray that he itches less often. That is probably because a lot of the fleas die when he rolls around in his bed. You just have to find a spray that is pet friendly and will not poison them. Im sure this method will help with any pets including ticks too.

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    Here’s some to help.Shampoo add one drop of either leamgnross and citronella essential oil to the shampoo (enough shampoo for one wash)Take an old piece of material (towelling is good) and soak it in a solution of warm water (one pint) and 4 drops of cedarwood or pine essential oil and rub dog all over with cloth.Soak a material collar in a solution of -1 drop cedarwood1 drop lavender1 drop citronella1 drop thymemix this with a little olive oil or almond oil.Put collar on dog to wear as normal.These are all for keeping ticks and fleas at bay. Once the dog actually has ticks, try this -30mls of olive oil mixed with 10mls of lavender and 10 mls of st johns wort (this is hard to get hold of so if not available use tea tree) massage this blend over ticks and they should drop off within about 10 mins. Catch the little blighters and burn em!!! LOL!! This can also be used as a preventative measure, massaging on the dog regularly.ADD-ON.Found another one.These are pure essential oils keep them away from dogs they will last for ages21 drops of Geranium14 drops of Lavender21 drops of Eucalyptus14 drops of Tea TreeMix in a plant sprayer with 250-300 mils of warm water and spray your dog while you groom not only will he/she smell wonderful but the insects hate it

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