Introducing my pack

I can talk all day about my dogs. There is so much to say about them but I won’t make this post too long. Don’t want to torture you, at least not yet.  There is plenty of time for that. So, let’s get started with my special girl…

This pretty girl is an angel. I guarantee this is one of God’s angels.  She is a bichon frise, cocker spaniel mix. She weighs around 24 pounds of muscle. Princess is alpha of the pack and she really lives up to her name. She does no wrong and knows how to get the most love out of you.

We found her on Petfinder in 2004. Her big round eyes caught our attention and knew we had to have her. When we went to see her she just focused on her foster mom most of the time. My mother was worried she wouldn’t like us but I was determined to bring her home with us. Once she became part of our family she became one of the loyalist dogs out there. Now Princess doesn’t take her eyes off of me.

Princess is my best friend and my sidekick. If I could I would take her everywhere. She loves to go on long walks, go for car rides and be petted. In the summer time she sleeps under my bed and in the winter she sleeps on top of my bed. She is a true Princess and she knows it!

She is the beauty of the family. Lovely eyes and a wonderful coat she has. Lady is a golden retriever, miniature poodle mix and she weighs around 35 pounds. She lives for food and a being pet. She is a gentle girl with a sweet heart.

Lady was also found on Petfinder. She was a true rescue. We got her from the Newark Humane Society and it was no easy task. When we got there they tried to convince us to leave her and get another dog. Claming she was a “biter”. My mother wasn’t buying that though. She went back there and made them bring her outside. Lady and Princess liked each other. She seemed to like me and my mom. You could see the fear in her. Her tail was down and she was pulling away from the guy holding on the leash. It was all fear.  She wasn’t a biter, she was just a scared dog in a place with scary noises and people. Let me tell you, the greatest moment I will never forget was when she got into the car. Her whole demeanor changed. She went from scared and shaken, to a smiling happy dog that knew her future was a good one. From that moment on she has been living life like a Lady.

Lady loves all food from steak to carrots. She will eat it! She eats, sleeps and lives for food. Another thing about Lady is she is a great sneak. She can steal something and sneak out of the room without you knowing. She will hold it from the very tip and walk out of the room. You can always here us yelling Lady!!! Though she has such a sweet face that it could make you cry.

He is the baby boy of the family. Mommies boy! Yup, my mom is nuts about this dog and he is nuts about her. That’s why he gets away with murder! Wait, he gets away with murder because he has the cutest face! Oliver is a poodle mix which we think may be mixed with some jack Russell terrier. He weighs around 18 pounds of cuteness.

Yup, you guessed it. Another Petfinder find! He came from the same rescue as Princess did. His rescue name was Johnny Depp but I always wanted a dog named Oliver. The name fits him well. Let me tell you the first time I saw him, all I could say was Aww! He was and still is so cute!

Oliver is a very spunky and smart dog. He learns tricks fast and if he had better focus skills he would learn a lot more. He can always put a smile on my face with his happy personality. Oliver loves walks, food, snuggles and playing. He is the man of the pack and the house.
 Thats my pack. They make the perfect pack for me. Lots of love and laughs.
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  1. june says

    Dogs have always made life worth living. When we were giving up our big house to move into a little apartment in NYC, I was super happy because our new neighborhood is loaded with doggies and everyone walks them and talks to each other and you get to make friends with their dogs. (And so does your dog, but sometimes your dog isn’t as interested as YOU are…)

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