Senior Sunday (11-18-12)

Knoxville (TN)
labrador retriever mix

Oliver (OK)

Max (TX)

Mooch (AZ)
german shepherd mix

Bubba (IN)
chow chow mix

Hayley (NV)
Labrador retriever akita mix

Hope these old souls get adopted soon.


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  1. says

    I am going thru extra trying times w/my 2 girls who rsuceed me 15 & 16 yrs. ago. Every day is a challenge, one being a cattledog/bordercollie & the other Ausie/lab. Both are 65 lbs. & both are now deaf plus the Heeler has now completely lost her sight. I am disabled so being w/them 24/7 I notice every little change & never leave them @ any given time if I don’t have to. We all have to eat &,being disabled, I do have many dr. visits but they all know to push me thru to get home to them. There is never a day goes by I don’t shed tears & I fear the worst is to come since I have experienced having 2 dogs & losing one dog @ a time before, their grief seems much more intense beyond my human comprehension. The book that truly helped me to learn as much as our emotions will let us is in this book. I can’t remember who the lady author was because it has been passed on down the line to comfort others during losses. It is called The Daisy Sutra . You will shed tears re:Daisy, the beagle’s situation but on the other hand, belief-wise in all or some of the book, I received out of it more comfort & learned to listen & watch toward the end much better than I could on my own. Anyone having an elderly dog/s I do recommend it to give you knowledge, strength, & understanding of behaviors I knew nothing about. God bless us all who do what we can better when we know better. The Daisy Sutra was found thru a book club called Crossings .

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