The Shelter Pups

I was scrolling through Pinterest (yes I am pintaholic) and I came across this awesome website called The Shelter Pups. They create customized stuffed dogs that you can adopt like a real dog. But, the cool thing is they can make a stuffed dog look just like your dog. All you have to do is send a photo of your dog to them and they do the magic.

The stuffed pups may be a bit pricey but its definitely worth it since you can decide to donate the money to your local shelter. Now, what can be better than that! Maybe one day I will have them create a stuffed pup of one of my dogs. Oliver with his black patch would make a cute stuffed animal. Oh wait, he already looks like one! Anyways, if you would like your own dog created into a plush dog just click here.

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  1. MaryZ says

    How cute! I love these. I see that Shelter Pups also has pups for adoption, not just custom pups. The adoptable pups have great names and stories, plus breed information. And they are all made in the USA!

    Thanks for the link. I want a pup!

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