What dogs should eat (infographic)

As a owner of three dogs, dog food goes fast in my house. I feel like we are always getting dog food and treats every month or so. I know there is always talk about what you should feed your dog. People constantly asking what is good dog food and what is not? I can admit I don’t feed my dogs the best dog food. My dogs get fed Iams. I know, i know don’t kill me! It is affordable and the pack likes it. Also, we are starting to mix in Iams older dog formula because the two oldest are aging. Here is an infographic showing what your dog should eat.


I would like to eventually start cooking for my dogs. But who knows when I will start that! Hopefully sooner than later. I am curious, what do you feed your dogs? Are you guilty like me or do you feed them some awesome quality dog food?

(via Earth Rated)

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