Dog Separation Anxiety – Cure It Before It Gets Worse!






Dog separation anxiety is the dog behavior problem where a dog shows signs of stress and panic. A dog expresses a unique behavioral change whenever he senses a separation from his dear owner. Dog separation anxiety is generally referred to a situation where a dog gets excited and starts behaving in a different demeanor every time their owner leaves or comes back home. A dog usually expresses his anxiety and sadness whenever he senses a separation from his owner. This situation can easily disturb the dog’s mental health and can cause health ailments. As a dog owner you should be careful and take all theprecautionary measures and research cures to help with your dog’s anxiety before it worsens.


Dog separation anxiety is usually a case with dogs who are over attached or bonded with their owners. The owners of these dogs also complain that their dogs start crying, whining and barking for no reason. Some of the owners also complained that their dogs unnecessarily bark and jump on to their visitors and act rudely most of the time. Therefore, if you love your dog you must try and find methods to get rid of these problems as soon as possible. Here are some ideas to help your dog if he/she suffers from separation anxiety.


  • Exercise: One of the most popular cures for dogs with separation anxiety is exercise. As an owner you should try and make your dog work out and do things like walking, running and playing. Why exercise? Because it tires your dog out and then it will be more calm and relaxed when you start working on its separation anxiety problems. Exercise is key to help dogs live a stable life.


  • Leave the dog alone each day for a few hours (you can start with ten minutes and then build it up each day). It all depends on your dog to determine how fast you can move from ten minutes to an hour. But remember don’t rush it. When you come back, praise your dog after he calms down. This will help your dog learn to be calm when you come in and won’t make him panic too much when you leave.


  • Crate training: One of the top ways of fixing dog separation anxiety is crate training. A lot of dogs don’t like crates but you can train him to enjoy his own space. It also can be helpful to avoid your house being torn apart while your away. If your dog is wary of the crate at first, use some food to bribe him. After the dog enters the crate, start working on leaving him in there for a few minutes each day. Then raise it up to a few hours. Remember to leave his favorite toys in there with him. Soon, he will learn to be calm in a crate and it can help with lowering your dog’s separation anxiety. But remember don’t get over excited when you take him out of the crate, stay calm and focus on helping your dog.


There are many other efficient ways (apart from the ones mentioned above) that can help to cure your dog’s separation anxiety. It will take time and patience. But in the long run your dog will be a happier and healthier dog.


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