The Tea Thief



On cold days I enjoy a nice cup of tea with a teaspoon of honey. Its the perfect way to start the day. But the other day when I finished my cup of tea, the cup and the tea bag went missing!

I was washing dishes two days ago and went into the living room to grab my empty cup. I always leave my cup on the same table next to the couch. So, it was unusual to see it wasn’t there. I was thinking maybe I left it somewhere else. There was no sight of it when I walked around the house looking for it. I was starting to get frustrated.

I knew Princess and Oliver wouldn’t touch it. They never mess with cups of tea or coffee that is left around. All of a sudden I saw Daisy from the corner of my eye sitting on the couch. Her cute face looking all innocent and sweet. I walked over to the couch and didn’t see anything at first but then I looked closer. Daisy somehow got the cup off the table and hid it under the blanket that is on the couch. That little monkey decided the tea bag was hers to eat. Luckily, I found it before she ate it but she sure made a mess tearing it up!

For now on I have to always remember to take my empty tea cups into the kitchen where Daisy can’t get them. She always keeps me on my toes but I love her so much!

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