Why I Spayed My Dog

As an owner of a few rescued dogs, most of my dogs already came spayed or neutered. But since Daisy was a little puppy when I adopted her, it was up to me to get her spayed. I didn’t get it done right when she could of been spayed (laziness) but I finally had the vet do the surgery two days ago. There are pros and cons of getting your dog fixed but in the end I decided it was the best thing to do. Here are some of the reasons why I decided it was best to spay Daisy.

why i spayed my dog

Health Reasons
Un-spayed female dogs are more likely to get uterine infections and mammary cancer. Since Daisy only went into heat twice and is still young she has a very low risk of getting mammary cancer. Spaying also helps to decrease the likelihood of your dog getting ovarian tumors. There is always a chance your dog may get cancer or infections even spayed. It’s just less likely to happen which means it can add years to your dogs life. I want Daisy to live forever!

Less Mess
When dogs are in heat they spot blood. Daisy sleeps with me so whenever she is spotting it gets on my sheets. I don’t like waking up to spots of blood near my face in the morning. It’s not the most pleasant way to start a day. With new clean sheets on my bed, I couldn’t let Daisy ruin them. She had to get spayed to save the life of my sheets.

No Puppy Responsibilities
“But puppies are so cute” and “You can make money from breeding” is what I’m told from some people when I bring up spaying.
No doubt, puppies are just too cute. Some of the cutest baby animals around in my opinion. But puppies grow up. I don’t wan’t to worry every day and night if Daisy’s puppies are safe or the families who bought the puppies got rid of them. I don’t want to be responsible for bringing a puppy in this world that some uncaring human neglects down the road. I like knowing I saved my dogs and they will always have a home with me.
I also don’t adopt my dogs to make money off them. I didn’t drive all the way down to Virginia thinking about making money off of Daisy. If anything I thought about how much money she is going to cost me. I love her for her personality and cute looks. Screw the money!

Those are the reasons why I decided to get Daisy spayed. As she lays here resting from her surgery I’m happy with my decision. She isn’t very happy right now with having to wear the cone of shame and having to be uncomfortable where she has stitches but in the long run its all worth it. Daisy your mine and mine only!

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