How to photograph your dog


Dog owners love to take photos of their dogs just as much as mothers enjoy taking photos of their children. Just look at how many photos of dogs are on the internet. Millions! But many dog owners struggle with capturing a good photo of their pets. As a dog photographer, I know how difficult it can be to get the perfect photo of your dog. I work very hard to capture good photos of my dogs. It is not easy, but since I love photography and dogs I enjoy the work. Over the years I have learned what works for me and what doesn’t.


Don’t over use the flash

I never use flash when I photograph my dogs. They hate the bright flash, and I hate how it turns their eyes yellow or red in the photograph. My dogs have great eyes, why would I want to replace them with laser eyes?

There are photographers who use flash while taking dog photos but point it away from the animal to keep the eyes natural. That technique is great to capture crisp, clear photos in low light, but I prefer to avoid flash all together.

If I am in low light, I will either adjust the settings on my camera to allow more light in through the lens or I will use my tripod. If you don’t have a tripod, you can use any surface to steady your camera. At times I have used a stack of books. Anything to avoid flash, I will do it.


Get down to your dog’s level

Most of the photos I take of my dogs are captured while I’m kneeling on one knee or lying flat on my belly. Imagine me lying flat on the ground, it is a funny sight. But I will do it to capture a good photo. When you are eye level, the photograph of your dog becomes more engaging to viewers. The personality and emotion pop out more.


Capture your dog’s personality

I enjoy having my dogs pose for photos because I like being creative and artsy. But my favorite photos of my pack are taken when they are being themselves. I always tell people, “The best photos of dogs, are dogs being dogs.”

So, if your dog enjoys running in the yard or napping in the sun, capture it! Those are the photos you’ll want to have for memories in a photo album.



This is key because dogs aren’t humans. You can’t tell your dog to sit still like a statue for five minutes or to stretch when you say so. I mean, if your dog is perfectly trained and knows lots of tricks then… maybe. But most dogs turn their heads and move around while you are trying to capture a shot. So, take your time and avoid getting angry. If photography is a positive experience for you, it will be positive for your dog too.

Have fun

Do I really have to explain it?


Cyber Monday dog deals


As Cyber Monday takes over the internet today, there are so many deals to take advantage of. As you are roaming through the internet for those electronics, clothing and tools, don’t forget about dog products. There are a few good websites that have Cyber Monday deals to jump on for your pets.



Remember not all Cyber Monday dog deals last all day. So, stop waiting and go shopping!

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Happy Thanksgiving


I hope everyone had a fun, safe and delicious Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for my dogs. They bring so much happiness and joy to my life. Plus, they know how to get turkey with their irresistible  faces. Remember, its okay to share some turkey with your dogs but watch out for the bones. Gobble Gobble!

Don’t miss out on Petsmart 2013 Black Friday deals!


Petsmart has announced that they will start their online Black Friday extravaganza at 6 AM EST on Thanksgiving Day. When you shop on line for Black Friday you will get free shipping with no minimum purchase required. The in store deals with start Friday Nov 29 at 7 AM. In every store the first 100 customers will receive a stocking stuffed with over a hundred dollars worth of in store coupons.

Some of the great deals for dogs are:

-Top Paw Orthopedic Dog Bed for $39.99
-50% off Selected Dog Treats
-50% off Entire Stock of Pet Holiday Dog Toys
-50% off Entire Stock of Holiday Dog Apparel
-Bissell Spot Clean Pet Plus Cleaning Machine for $79.99

There are many other deals available at Petsmart and you can find them on their website.

With so many great deals offered this year you can get your holiday shopping done for your pets early. Plus, you can save a lot of money! Hope everyone has a safe Black Friday!

Punk Princess


Waiting to hand out candy to the kids



















This year for Halloween I decided to make Princess a punk dog. I wanted to give her a unique look that would grab attention, since she likes all eyes on her.  I’m pretty sure I succeeded.
































To me she looks like a punk dog, but to my mom she looks like some kind of dinosaur.









































It was definitely fun grooming Princess this Halloween. I was happy with the outcome and Princess was happy with all the attention she got. Maybe she will start a new dog fashion…who knows!

Did you dress up your dogs this Halloween?



Dogs celebrating Halloween













Tomorrow is Halloween and dogs are getting ready everywhere. They are putting on their cute hats and crazy costumes. It’s the one time of year they don’t mind the torture of getting dressed up by their owners. Here are just a few of the dogs that are prepared for trick or treating this year.















(via 85Miranda)

(via 85Miranda)






























(via editrixie)

(via editrixie)











































 Are you dressing up your dogs this Halloween?

Senior Sunday (10-13-13)

So many senior dogs are looking for their forever homes. Lets help them out.



King John John (NJ)
Rat terrier
14 years old
This is King John John. He is very sweet, 14 years old, a therapy dog. He walks one mile a day.









Charlotte (CA)
A warm doggie bed and a quiet life is all Charlotte will require.







Annie (NC)
Bichon frise
Annie is a very sweet girl when she has learned to trust you. She loves the other dogs in her foster home. She has some sight issues which makes her very jumpy. You have to approach her from the front and talk to her before picking her up.





Bruno (NY)
Pit bull terrer / boxer mix
9 years old
Mild mannered, mellow, and sweet, Bruno is the perfect pet looking for his forever home.






Ernie (AZ)
Welsh corgi
10 years old
Ernie is the perfect gentleman, loves his red stuffy and a little attention, then back to bed. Ernie will do whatever you ask, kennel, go outside, he just loves to please.