Senior Sunday (12-23-12)

Christmas is almost here and there are hundreds of senior dogs in shelters and rescues looking to be adopted. Here are some senior dogs wishing to have a home this holiday season.

labrador retriever, chow chow mix
This sweet girl is 10 years old and has good leash manners.


beagle, terrier mix
He is around 10 years old and loves attention and treats.

australian cattle dog
He is affectionate

shepherd mix
He loves people, mellow and is around 10 years old.

terrier, schnauzer mix
She loves people and attention.

australian sheperd mix
She is 10 years old and is a calm girl.

Hope these sweet seniors get the best gift they could ever receive…a home this holiday.

Senior Sunday (12-2-12)

Another Sunday is here and these senior dogs need homes.

Kipsy is a 9 year old boxer mix. She is super friendly and walks well on a leash.

Milo is a senior retriever mix

Sophie is a senior husky, labrador retriever mix. She is super sweet.

Precious is a 9 year old labrador retriever mix. She loves to be right by her human and her favorite toy is tennis balls.

Methusaleh is senior terrier who is quiet. He is only 10 pounds and would make a perfect lap dog.

Hope these cuties get adopted soon.

Senior Sunday (11-18-12)

Knoxville (TN)
labrador retriever mix

Oliver (OK)

Max (TX)

Mooch (AZ)
german shepherd mix

Bubba (IN)
chow chow mix

Hayley (NV)
Labrador retriever akita mix

Hope these old souls get adopted soon.


Senior Sunday (10-28-12)

Every dog deserves a forever home, including senior dogs. Just because they may have a white face and don’t walk as fast doesn’t mean they aren’t good pets. They still have all the love in the world to share with everyone. I have a special place in my heart for seniors, so every Sunday I am going to share a list of senior dogs that need homes. No senior dog deserves to die homeless.

Labrador retriever/hound mix in Charlotte, NC

Schnauzer mix in Clearwater, FL

Labrador retriever mix in Mount Holly, NJ

Chow chow mix in Beaumont, TX

Poodle in Chaska, MN

Chihuahua mix in Higley, AZ

Husky mix in Mohnton, PA

Labrador retriever mix in Santa Maria, CA

Boxer mix in Maryville, TN

If you can adopt one of these senior dogs that is great. If you cant at least share these senior faces with people you know. Every senior deserves a family.


Adopt Muffy a bichon frise poodle mix (NJ)

bichon frise poodle mix
Hamilton, NJ
Muffy was found as a stray on the streets with heart pneumonia and congestive heart failure. The shelter she was at was going to euthanize her because of her illness. But luckily, the Pet Rescue of Mercer saved her. She is around 8 or 9 years old and loves everyone. Even dogs, cats and children! She is very well behaved and has a calm personality. Muffy’s heart disease is under control now and takes medicine for it daily. If you have a place in your heart for this special girl, let her in.
Check her out on Petfinder