Basset hound and man reunited after 10 years apart.


After Jamie Carpentier divorced his wife in 2003 he never thought he would see Ginger the basset hound ever again. One day he was browsing the local animal shelter’s website and came across Ginger’s page but with no photo. He didn’t believe it could be her but he asked the shelter to send him a photo of the dog up for adoption. Amazingly it was Ginger from years ago, so he went to the shelter to see her. When Ginger saw Jamie she knew exactly who he was and gave him tons of kisses. From that moment on they will never be separated again.

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Sandy’s misplaced pets

Hurricane Sandy may be long gone but areas are still working on recovery from the devastation Sandy brought to the NJ & NY area. Not only people are affected, animals are too. So many dogs and cats have been separated from their owners. Luckily the ASPCA, started a temporary shelter in Brooklyn, NY to help reunite pets with their owners.

Around 300 animals got separated but luckily a lot have been reunited. But there are still around 100 waiting for their owners to come for them. They are hoping all the pets get back to their owners because the shelter environment is not good for them and they will soon need to find new forever homes.

If you have been separated from your pet because of Hurricane Sandy, you should go to the temporary shelter at 1508 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11233, to see if your pet may be there. I hope they all get reunited with their owners soon.


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Dog saves boy from getting hit by a truck

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Geo, a 7 month old German Shepherd saved his 10 year old family member when a truck drove onto the sidewalk. The dog took the hit from the truck not only once but twice. After getting hit by the truck the first time he got thrown into the road and the truck hit him again. The truck driver sped off and police are still looking for the guy to blame. Luckily, Geo was rushed to the hospital and had surgery to fix a shattered leg and a spine fracture. This is one heroic dog and a strong willed one to survive being hit by a truck twice.

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Police Officer saves a drowning dogs life

A Royersford, PA police officer saved a dog from drowning. The dog named “Woody” somehow escaped from the yard and got himself in danger. A passerby saw the dog walking on the bank of the river and than suddenly fall in. The concerned citizen called 9-1-1 and Officer Mark Smythe arrived to the scene. With no hesitation he jumped into the frigid waters and saved Woody’s life. That is one heroic police officer.

Source: Examiner