Happy 3rd Birthday Daisy!


Happy 3rd birthday to my baby, Daisy.


As you can see, she is all dressed up for her special day.


I made special pumpkin pupcakes for her party.


Can you tell her favorite color is pink?


It’s not a party without the whole pack!


Bailey is overjoyed about the party and about getting his own pupcake to savor.


The birthday girl gets to eat first


The birthday girl really enjoyed the yogurt and peanut butter frosting.


When the pupcake is so good, you want to lick and gobble at it all at the same time.


With the pupcake secure in her mouth, Daisy ran off to find a safe place to take her time eating it without the pack trying to grab it from her.


And a birthday isn’t complete without presents! She got a little monkey (because her nickname is monkey) and a variety of different chews to enjoy.

Are carrots safe for your dog?

It’s very important to be aware of what you feed your dog. There are a lot of foods that are safe for dogs but there are also foods that can be very dangerous. Always ask your vet or research before giving your dog something.


Can dogs eat carrots?
Yes, they can! My dogs love carrots. I actually chop up raw carrots and put them in my dogs kibble to make it more intriguing for them. It works!
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Senior Sunday (1-6-13)

The first Senior Sunday of 2013 is here…


Tilly (AZ)
brussels griffon shih tzu mix
loves people and dogs


Mari (TX)


Grace (IL)
american staffordshire terrier
very sweet girl that needs to be the only pet in the house.


Russell (SC)
poodle jack russell terrier mix
Sweet and may have cataracts.


Nina (NJ)
looking for a quiet calm home that she can adjust to


Allie (OH)
Husky labrador retriever mix
she is well behaved and is good with dogs, cats and kids.

Senior Sunday (11-18-12)

Knoxville (TN)
labrador retriever mix


Oliver (OK)


Max (TX)


Mooch (AZ)
german shepherd mix


Bubba (IN)
chow chow mix


Hayley (NV)
Labrador retriever akita mix


Hope these old souls get adopted soon.


Alittle about me

 Let me first start off with thanking you all for stopping by my new created blog. It’s not much yet but it is slowly getting there. Step by step it is going to be growing into a magnificent dog blog.  Make sure to keep rolling back here to see what I add every day.

Anyways, lets get on with the introduction…
Hello everyone, my name is Anna and I have been a huge dog lover from the moment I could remember. Probably, from the moment I was born but I can’t recall that far back. I can remember though I have never been scared of dogs. Big or small, I love them all! (a poet in training)
I don’t remember when I started showing my passion for dogs (in the womb?) but I bet it was in the orphanage that I was in Russia.   I don’t even remember the orphanage! Yeah, I was a homeless child in Russia until my wonderful mother adopted me when I was three. She brought me to the greatest country in the world, USA! I know once I came here I really showed how much I loved dogs. I mean I probably saw them ten times more here than Russia.
I remember the times when I was a child, I would act like a dog. I would crawl on my hands and knees and bark (woof woof). Maybe I was raised by a pack of wild dogs in Russia? I doubt it but I always enjoyed acting like a dog. But once I got older I involved into a human and started owning dogs instead of being one. Which I say is a much better purpose for me.
So far I had a total of four dogs in my life. Three are still with me and one is at the Rainbow Bridge. I will always have dogs part of my life. Honestly, I can’t live without them. Some people think I am crazy how much I love them. They are like my children. They are family! Who can relate?
Anyhow, that’s a short introduction about me but you will probably learn a lot more in my future writing. Keep hitting the refresh button to see what goodies I add here for you and your dogs!