Senior Sunday (2-24-13)

Time to help another set of senior dogs…lets help them get adopted!


Frances (WY)
german shepherd mix
gentle and sweet


Krystal (NY)
pit bull terrier mix
sweet and quiet


Tessa (NY)
poodle australian shepherd mix
mellow and wants to be your couch potato companion


Quaker (VA)
pointer pit bull terrier
great with dogs and super sweet


Doodle (VA)
gentle and blind


Mugsy (PA)
beagle mix
patient and eager to please

Hope these sweet hearts get loving homes soon!

Basset hound and man reunited after 10 years apart.


After Jamie Carpentier divorced his wife in 2003 he never thought he would see Ginger the basset hound ever again. One day he was browsing the local animal shelter’s website and came across Ginger’s page but with no photo. He didn’t believe it could be her but he asked the shelter to send him a photo of the dog up for adoption. Amazingly it was Ginger from years ago, so he went to the shelter to see her. When Ginger saw Jamie she knew exactly who he was and gave him tons of kisses. From that moment on they will never be separated again.

(via nydailynews)

Senior Sunday (2-17-13)

Another weekend has passed and more senior dogs need to be adopted.


Miss Coco (CT)
labrador retriever pit bull mix
loves her walks


Jaleah (GA)
labrador retriever mix
sweet and gentle


Honey (NJ)
bichon frise terrier mix
affectionate and spunky


Hemingway (CA)
shar pei
lots of love to give


Grizz (VA)
Collie golden retriever mix
he is a calm boy


Waylon (KY)
loves to play


Kayla (OR)
border collie
sweet and loving

Hope these cuties get adopted soon! They sure deserve a warm bed and a home to call their own.

Snow dogs


It was such a thrill when we got a blizzard here a few days ago. I cant tell you how long I have been waiting for a decent amount of snow to fall this winter. As the snow stopped I knew I had to take the dogs out to get some winter photos of them.



Oh sweet Oliver. I tell you. He is such a joy when it snows. He gets so excited to romp around in it and play. If there is not already a path in the snow he will run and create one. Oliver always comes in covered in snow with those snow balls stuck to his curly hair.


Princess isn’t scared of snow either. She may not romp around as much in it but snow doesn’t stop her from exploring outdoors. With her nose always sniffing around she always gets these snow beards. Its her winter fashion that she styles every year.


Lady on the other hand has no interest in snow, She prefers being inside away from the cold wet snow that covers the ground. Lady likes to eat the snow sometimes and follow the path Oliver and Princess make. She likes solid dry ground and luxury. What can I say, she is a Lady!

Senior Sunday (2-10-13)

A snowy Sunday has passed and here is another set of lovely senior dogs looking to be adopted.


Jessie (NJ)
labrador retriever mix
playful and loving


Barney (MI)
basset hound beagle mix


Yogi (MS)
chow chow collie mix


Chubs (OH)
australian shepherd mix
relaxed and smart


Cooper (MI)
labrador retriever shepherd mix
loves to run and play

Lets hope they get adopted soon!

Dog helps mailman

This mailman is so lucky to meet a dog that helps him with the mail. If he came to my house he would think its the worst part of his day. Dont get me wrong, my dogs would help but they would also want to rip his hand off with the mail.

Senior Sunday (2/3/13)

Another set of sweet senior dogs looking to be adopted.


Posey (KY)
Terrier sheep dog mix
she is very sweet and loves being petted


3399 (GA)
boxer mix
energetic but shy


Red Dog (MO)
german shepherd mix


Dolly (MO)
border collie mix


Willow (KY)
terrier mix
sweet and smart

Hope these sweet seniors get adopted soon.

Puppy Bowl IX is here!


via cnn

As the Baltimore Ravens verse the San Francisco 49ers tomorrow, puppies will be battling to show off their cuteness. That’s right, at 3 pm on Animal Planet tune in to see cute puppies from shelters battling it out on the field. The puppies are all from shelters that are up for adoption to help make awareness of all the different breeds looking for homes. It is such a cute, fun and sporty event that all dog lovers should see. I admit I watch the puppy bowl instead of the super bowl.