Senior Sunday (1-27-13)

Lets get these lovely seniors adopted!


Granny (AL)
labrador retriever


Ruby (MA)
hound mix
loves to run and play


Lady Spud (TN)
shepherd mix
sweet and gentle


Rudy (MA)
chihuahua mix


Roxie (GA)
pit bull terrier
very sweet

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Senior Sunday (1-20-13)

Another Sunday is here and more seniors needing loving homes.


Bruschi (FL)
has good manners and is affectionate


Noelle (AZ)
chihuahua mix
sweet and playful


Pepper (TN)
beagle, basset hound mix
good with cats and dogs


Gerard (PA)
very affectionate, smart and loves walks


Harriet (OR)
terrier mix
sweet as sugar


Starfire (TX)
collie mix
loves to run and go to the park

Dogwool: your dogs hair could keep you warm this winter

Not sure how it was created, but someone spun dog hair into wool to make some warm clothing for people. Than Erwan Fichou took some photos of the unusual fashion style. Its a smart idea since dogs hair gets thicker in the winter for the cold weather. Definitely a new way to keep toasty warm in the frigid cold.





They say people start looking like their dogs. Now you can say their clothes look like their dogs too.

(via pawnation)

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Senior Sunday (1-13-13)

Another Sunday, another group of senior dogs looking to be adopted.

amelia_NJ_senior_sunday_lifetimewithdogsAmelia (NJ)
cane corso mastiff
likes people but not other dogs

minnie_NC_senior_sunday_lifetimewithdogsMinnie (NC)
laid back and loves food

polo_fl_senior_sunday_lifetimewithdogsPolo (FL)
american bulldog
loves cats, dogs and kids

rudy_PA_senior_sunday_lifetimewithdogsRudy (PA)
shepherd mix
loves everyone he meets

otto_CA_senior_sunday_lifetimewithdogsOtto (CA)
labrador retriever mix

sandradee_CO_senior_sunday_lifetimewithdogsSandra Dee (CO)

pedal_GA_senior_sunday_lifetimewithdogsPedal (GA)
totally blind but can get around just fine

Hope these cuties get adopted soon!

What dogs should eat (infographic)

As a owner of three dogs, dog food goes fast in my house. I feel like we are always getting dog food and treats every month or so. I know there is always talk about what you should feed your dog. People constantly asking what is good dog food and what is not? I can admit I don’t feed my dogs the best dog food. My dogs get fed Iams. I know, i know don’t kill me! It is affordable and the pack likes it. Also, we are starting to mix in Iams older dog formula because the two oldest are aging. Here is an infographic showing what your dog should eat.


I would like to eventually start cooking for my dogs. But who knows when I will start that! Hopefully sooner than later. I am curious, what do you feed your dogs? Are you guilty like me or do you feed them some awesome quality dog food?

(via Earth Rated)

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Signs of dementia in old dogs

Just like humans, dogs can get dementia also. But the veterinary term for it is “canine cognitive dysfunction” aka CCD. Its when the brain slowly declines with memory, recognition, thinking and learned behavior. Unfortunately, its untreatable but just like Alzheimer’s for humans, you can slow the process down. If you know the signs you can help your dog with CCD.  Below are some of the signs to help you recognize CCD in your dog.

1. Separation Anxiety
It can either make some dogs less interested in human contact or make them clingy to their human all day. Some dogs when left alone will urinate and defecate all over the house. Other dogs may become frustrated and start chewing at doors and scratching at windows. When dogs senses start to fail they get nervous and don’t know how to cope alone.
2. Getting lost in the house
When the eyes start to go and they aren’t familiar with where they are, dogs start getting stuck behind furniture or walk into things. I recommend not moving furniture around too much because that can confuse a dog even more. Some dogs just stare aimlessly at walls and objects.

2. Pacing at night
Dogs affected by Alzheimer’s can get their sleeping schedule all turned around. If they sleep too much during the day they end up pacing around the house at night.

3. Non responsive to commands
Not only is this caused by dog dementia it is also a sign of loss of hearing. Since that is common in many older dogs. Its important to keep commands fresh in your dogs head so practice them often so your dog doesn’t forget them too fast.

4. Reduced drinking & eating
Senior dogs can forget to eat or drink since their brain isnt functioning like it use to. So, it is important to remind by either talking to them or putting a bowl in front of them. But if their is a lack of interest in food it is important to take your dog to the vet to rule out any other health issue he may have. Remember, lack of water can cause a dog to dehydrate so try to make sure your dog drink some water once in awhile.

What can you do to help your dog with dementia?
Like I said above, sadly there is no treatment but there are some helpful solutions to slow down the process of CCD. There are certain senior dog foods and herbs that can help dogs if they have CCD. The best thing to do is ask your vet for advice. Always remember, the closest thing to a cure for dog dementia is unconditional love.

Sandy’s misplaced pets

Hurricane Sandy may be long gone but areas are still working on recovery from the devastation Sandy brought to the NJ & NY area. Not only people are affected, animals are too. So many dogs and cats have been separated from their owners. Luckily the ASPCA, started a temporary shelter in Brooklyn, NY to help reunite pets with their owners.

Around 300 animals got separated but luckily a lot have been reunited. But there are still around 100 waiting for their owners to come for them. They are hoping all the pets get back to their owners because the shelter environment is not good for them and they will soon need to find new forever homes.

If you have been separated from your pet because of Hurricane Sandy, you should go to the temporary shelter at 1508 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11233, to see if your pet may be there. I hope they all get reunited with their owners soon.


(via abc news)

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