Why I Spayed My Dog

As an owner of a few rescued dogs, most of my dogs already came spayed or neutered. But since Daisy was a little puppy when I adopted her, it was up to me to get her spayed. I didn’t get it done right when she could of been spayed (laziness) but I finally had the vet do the surgery two days ago. There are pros and cons of getting your dog fixed but in the end I decided it was the best thing to do. Here are some of the reasons why I decided it was best to spay Daisy.

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Protect your dog’s paws from road salt

protect_dog_paws_from_road_salt_lifetimewithdogsOne of the biggest risks to healthy paw pads is the salt (deicer) used to melt ice on streets, sidewalks and driveways. Salt can cause your dog to get chemical burns on their paw pads which can result in a lot of irritation.

The signs of a dog having salt irritation on the paw pads are stopping in their tracks on a walk, starting to limp or chewing at their paws. It can be dangerous for your dog to chew at his paws because many deicers are toxic to dogs and can make them ill.

To help your dogs avoid getting chemical burns or becoming sick from ingesting salt, it is important to stay off of heavily salted sidewalks and roads. If you want to use salt on your driveway or sidewalk, there are dog-safe deicers that will not harm your dog. One way to keep your dog’s paw pads healthy is to have them wear dog boots. Many dogs take time to get used to wearing boots but once they do it can be a paw saver. Also, if you come back from a walk on a salted sidewalk it is a good idea to wipe down your dog’s paws with warm water.

Salt can be a danger to your dog, but if you take the right steps to keep your dog’s paws healthy they can still enjoy exercise during the winter.

What dogs should eat (infographic)

As a owner of three dogs, dog food goes fast in my house. I feel like we are always getting dog food and treats every month or so. I know there is always talk about what you should feed your dog. People constantly asking what is good dog food and what is not? I can admit I don’t feed my dogs the best dog food. My dogs get fed Iams. I know, i know don’t kill me! It is affordable and the pack likes it. Also, we are starting to mix in Iams older dog formula because the two oldest are aging. Here is an infographic showing what your dog should eat.


I would like to eventually start cooking for my dogs. But who knows when I will start that! Hopefully sooner than later. I am curious, what do you feed your dogs? Are you guilty like me or do you feed them some awesome quality dog food?

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Signs of dementia in old dogs

Just like humans, dogs can get dementia also. But the veterinary term for it is “canine cognitive dysfunction” aka CCD. Its when the brain slowly declines with memory, recognition, thinking and learned behavior. Unfortunately, its untreatable but just like Alzheimer’s for humans, you can slow the process down. If you know the signs you can help your dog with CCD.  Below are some of the signs to help you recognize CCD in your dog.

1. Separation Anxiety
It can either make some dogs less interested in human contact or make them clingy to their human all day. Some dogs when left alone will urinate and defecate all over the house. Other dogs may become frustrated and start chewing at doors and scratching at windows. When dogs senses start to fail they get nervous and don’t know how to cope alone.
2. Getting lost in the house
When the eyes start to go and they aren’t familiar with where they are, dogs start getting stuck behind furniture or walk into things. I recommend not moving furniture around too much because that can confuse a dog even more. Some dogs just stare aimlessly at walls and objects.

2. Pacing at night
Dogs affected by Alzheimer’s can get their sleeping schedule all turned around. If they sleep too much during the day they end up pacing around the house at night.

3. Non responsive to commands
Not only is this caused by dog dementia it is also a sign of loss of hearing. Since that is common in many older dogs. Its important to keep commands fresh in your dogs head so practice them often so your dog doesn’t forget them too fast.

4. Reduced drinking & eating
Senior dogs can forget to eat or drink since their brain isnt functioning like it use to. So, it is important to remind by either talking to them or putting a bowl in front of them. But if their is a lack of interest in food it is important to take your dog to the vet to rule out any other health issue he may have. Remember, lack of water can cause a dog to dehydrate so try to make sure your dog drink some water once in awhile.

What can you do to help your dog with dementia?
Like I said above, sadly there is no treatment but there are some helpful solutions to slow down the process of CCD. There are certain senior dog foods and herbs that can help dogs if they have CCD. The best thing to do is ask your vet for advice. Always remember, the closest thing to a cure for dog dementia is unconditional love.

Health benefits of pumpkin for your dogs

I never knew this but pumpkin is actually good for your dog. I am talking about natural pumpkin canned (unsweetened), cooked fresh pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. Its not healthy to give your dog pumpkin pie or a pumpkin that been sitting outside gathering bacteria. You don’t want your dog jumping off the walls because of the sugar from the pie or getting sick from bacteria. You can keep your dog healthy but also be able to give them pumpkin to enjoy.

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There are three main health benefits of pumpkin for dogs that I read on care2.

1. Fiber: Pumpkin has a lot of fiber in it which is great for dogs AND humans. Pureed pumpkin (sugar free) can help dogs with diarrhea or constipation. You can give them a tablespoon or two depending on your dogs size regregularly to help them go to the bathroom regularly if they have some trouble doing so.

2. Urinary Health: Pumpkin seeds have a high in fatty acids and antioxidants which is good for fur and skin health. Pumpkin seeds and pumpkins flesh is a great source of Vitamin A, potassium, and iron. There are signs that it may also reduce the risk of your dog getting cancer.

3. Weight loss: If your dog is over weight and needs to lose some pounds here is a little idea to help your dog out. You can remove a portion of your dogs food and replace it with canned pumpkin. Dogs seem to naturally love pumpkin and it will fill their bellies up just like their food would.

So dont worry, giving your dog pumpkin is not bad. If you want to make your dog some pumpkin treats go for it! They would love it and so would their body. Here are some links to already made pumpkin treats for your dogs to enjoy.

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