Happy 3rd Birthday Daisy!


Happy 3rd birthday to my baby, Daisy.


As you can see, she is all dressed up for her special day.


I made special pumpkin pupcakes for her party.


Can you tell her favorite color is pink?


It’s not a party without the whole pack!


Bailey is overjoyed about the party and about getting his own pupcake to savor.


The birthday girl gets to eat first


The birthday girl really enjoyed the yogurt and peanut butter frosting.


When the pupcake is so good, you want to lick and gobble at it all at the same time.


With the pupcake secure in her mouth, Daisy ran off to find a safe place to take her time eating it without the pack trying to grab it from her.


And a birthday isn’t complete without presents! She got a little monkey (because her nickname is monkey) and a variety of different chews to enjoy.

10 reasons your dog is the best Valentine

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Celebrating ten years

celebrating_ten_years_princess_lifetimewithdogsToday my mother and I threw a little celebration for Princess who joined our family ten years ago. She is the best thing that ever happened to me and I can’t imagine my life without her.

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Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’ Superbowl commercial will tug at your heart


Budweiser always presents the best commercials during the Super Bowl. With those majestic Clydesdale horses grabbing everyone’s hearts and attention. But, this year they will be adding an adorable puppy who becomes best friends with one of the horses. Lets see the other commercials this Sunday compete with this one!

Will you be watching the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl this Sunday?


Punk Princess


Waiting to hand out candy to the kids



















This year for Halloween I decided to make Princess a punk dog. I wanted to give her a unique look that would grab attention, since she likes all eyes on her.  I’m pretty sure I succeeded.
































To me she looks like a punk dog, but to my mom she looks like some kind of dinosaur.









































It was definitely fun grooming Princess this Halloween. I was happy with the outcome and Princess was happy with all the attention she got. Maybe she will start a new dog fashion…who knows!

Did you dress up your dogs this Halloween?