Are carrots safe for your dog?

It’s very important to be aware of what you feed your dog. There are a lot of foods that are safe for dogs but there are also foods that can be very dangerous. Always ask your vet or research before giving your dog something.


Can dogs eat carrots?
Yes, they can! My dogs love carrots. I actually chop up raw carrots and put them in my dogs kibble to make it more intriguing for them. It works!
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Why I Spayed My Dog

As an owner of a few rescued dogs, most of my dogs already came spayed or neutered. But since Daisy was a little puppy when I adopted her, it was up to me to get her spayed. I didn’t get it done right when she could of been spayed (laziness) but I finally had the vet do the surgery two days ago. There are pros and cons of getting your dog fixed but in the end I decided it was the best thing to do. Here are some of the reasons why I decided it was best to spay Daisy.

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Paws up for Puppy Bowl 2014


There will be a lot of tackling, ball stealing and cuteness this year at the Puppy Bowl. So, make sure you and your dogs have the best seats in the house to watch the puppy action! I hear this year will be better than any other year so make sure you bring popcorn!

Animal Planet announced the lineup of puppies that will be featured on the Puppy Bowl this year. Let me tell you, they are cuties! Don’t forget if you are looking to adopt a puppy these puppies are all looking for their forever homes.. Now lets get to the puppies!

I have my favorites that I will be rooting for this Puppy Bowl. Do you?

Puppy Bowl X will start February 2nd at 3pm. But don’t worry if you have Super Bowl plans they will be re-running the puppy bowl all evening long.

You have three dogs?

One dog is not enough, two dogs and something is still missing: three is the charm.


Left to right: Lady, Oliver, Princess

I love my pack, but let me tell you, a pack of three is three times more work than a pack of one. Feeding is one of the biggest differences when it comes to a household of multiple dogs. Instead of buying a small bag of dog food, I have to buy a big bag that lasts a about month, if that! Luckily, my dogs aren’t big dogs or they would eat a lot more food. But they do devour a lot of milk bones which they beg for every night.

With a hairy pack that doesn’t shed (since my mom has allergies), I have to groom them every few months. Yes, I do my own grooming for my pack of dogs. It saves me a lot of money since it is about sixty dollars per dog to get them groomed. Plus, it is less stress on my dogs which always makes me happy.

The two biggest downfalls of owning multiple dogs are more poop and more money. But, poop can be picked up and money can be made. My dogs come into my life and I promise them they are here to stay. Dogs rely on us to care for them and in return they make our life whole.

It is funny when I take my dogs out on walks or I am talking to someone about my dogs, the reactions I get are priceless. One lady I was talking to the other day told me she got her dog for her daughter but she could do without a dog herself. So I look down and see this calm, sweet Shih Tzu that is as happy as it can be. I thought to myself, “She should meet my pack.” I told her I had three dogs and she was in shock. I kind of looked around thinking to myself, “What is so shocking about a pack of dogs?” So, she asked me, “How do you deal with that many dogs?” I looked at her dog and smiled. Inside I was laughing because to me it’s just my normal life. I told her, “It is a little more work, but I love them and they give love back.” What can I say, I would do anything for my pack of dogs.

Do you have a multiple dog family?

Dogs in Christmas Hats

December is here and Christmas is just around the corner. As you are running around buying gifts and preparing the Christmas tree, take a break and look at these cute dogs in Christmas hats. They definitely will make you smile and remember the joy of Christmas.

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No place like home

The bond between a person and a dog can be unbreakable. I know nothing can get in between me and my dogs. They complete me and make my life whole.

It is like the bond between Sweet Pea and her mom. I took her home today because her owner was missing her too much. Its good to know that her owner can still have her around for now. Hopefully they can stay together with no road blocks getting in their way. I know I could never leave my pups behind. They are family and I love them so much. But I will tell you. It was a joy taking care of Sweet Pea overnight. She is definitely a sweetie!