5 ways to keep your dog safe this summer

Summer is a great time for you and your dogs to get out there and enjoy the weather. I know I enjoy hiking with my dogs and going to the dog park a lot more during the Summer season. Just as much fun Summer brings it also comes with dangers to your dogs. Here is a list of ways to keep your dogs safe this Summer so you can have the best summer possible.

via jeremiahjw
via jeremiahjw

1. Keep dogs out of hot cars
People make the mistake of leaving their dogs in the car to just run an errand or two. Parked cars are deadly to dogs in the summer. When it is 90 degrees outside a parked car’s temperature can reach up to 160 degrees. Don’t take your dog along with you during the summer if you just plan on leaving him in the car.

2. Always have water for your dogs
Inside and outside during Summer season dogs should always have access to cool fresh water. It helps to keep them hydrated during the hot days and helps avoid heat stroke. Ice cubes are also a good way to keep your dog hydrated, plus a lot of dogs seem to enjoy playing with them.

3. Walk your dogs in the cooler hours
With the sun beaming high in the sky during the day it is best to walk your dog early in the morning or near dark. Too much excessive exercise during the hot weather can cause your dog to get heat stroke. Also, dogs can get sunburned, so make sure if you are going to be out in the sun to apply sunblock on your dog.  Shade is important too!

4. Watch out for hot surfaces
Sidewalks and streets get really hot in the summer. If you put your hand on the sidewalk and it hurts in a few seconds your dog will feel the same pain. The pads on your dogs feet can get burned so be considerate if you are out with your dog and make sure if you stop there is grass or dirt your dog can stand on. You dont wont your dogs cute feet to get burned.

5. Keep the parasites away
Fleas, ticks, mites and other parasites thrive during the summer season. Its always a good idea to use some kind of prevenative on your dog. Last thing you need is to fight an infestation on your dog that can spread to you. Also, when your dogs come inside it is always a good idea to check your dogs fur for any signs of moving pests.

Now get out there and enjoy Summer!