Senior Sunday (10-13-13)

So many senior dogs are looking for their forever homes. Lets help them out.



King John John (NJ)
Rat terrier
14 years old
This is King John John. He is very sweet, 14 years old, a therapy dog. He walks one mile a day.









Charlotte (CA)
A warm doggie bed and a quiet life is all Charlotte will require.







Annie (NC)
Bichon frise
Annie is a very sweet girl when she has learned to trust you. She loves the other dogs in her foster home. She has some sight issues which makes her very jumpy. You have to approach her from the front and talk to her before picking her up.





Bruno (NY)
Pit bull terrer / boxer mix
9 years old
Mild mannered, mellow, and sweet, Bruno is the perfect pet looking for his forever home.






Ernie (AZ)
Welsh corgi
10 years old
Ernie is the perfect gentleman, loves his red stuffy and a little attention, then back to bed. Ernie will do whatever you ask, kennel, go outside, he just loves to please.

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