Should I feed my dog wet or dry food?

This is a big controversy between dog owners, and it really comes down to your dog’s health and needs. Some dog parents claim dry food is better for dogs, while others strongly disagree with that. I recommend asking a vet and looking at your own dog’s needs before deciding on what to choose.

(via debsrun)

(via debsrun)


Dry Food Advantages:

Dry dog food can help clean dog’s teeth. Especially dogs that are prone to dental problems like gum disease. Also, it helps reduce tartar buildup. But dogs that have advanced tooth problems, may find it painful to chew dry food. If your dog is on a diet, dry food can be easily measured for the right proportion. Dry food is also less expensive than wet food and is better on long trips.

Dry Food Disadvantages:

Most dry foods have a reduced fat content and a high carbohydrates content. This means if your dog is very active your dog may require a food with a higher amount of fat in it. Some breeds may have difficulty chewing dry food because of their jaw structure. Also, when there is more fat and protein in a dry food, the price gets higher.


Wet Food Advantages:

Dogs are more willing to eat wet food because it has more flavor and resembles meat. Wet food has more moisture too, which is good for dogs that don’t drink much water or throw up water because they drink too fast. Another positive aspect of wet food is it contains more protein which is good for energy and muscle growth in young dogs.

Wet Food Disadvantages:

The main disadvantage of wet food is it has to be refrigerated and is only good for a few days after being opened. Another downer is wet food doesn’t help keep your dog’s teeth healthy, which may lead to extra teeth issues. Lastly, wet dog food can cause upset stomach.


A Mixed Combination

Many dog owners mix wet and dry food together to create an equal balance of nutrition, protein and fat. Before you do this make sure to check with your vet to decide if this is the best diet choice for your dog. Every dog is different and figuring out what is best for your dog will help you in the long run.


If your dog eats wet or dry food, comment below and tell us why.




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