A blind dog gets his own guide dog

lucky_scruffy_border_terriers_lifetime_with_dogsLucky, a two year old border terrier was born without retinas. But Scruffy, his three year old  father is always right there in case his blind son needs some comforting. If Lucky knocks into something his father is right there to help him out of any sticky situation he may be in.

Jim Leonard, the grandfather of Chelsea who owns Lucky often looks after him. When he does, he wears bells on his pants so Lucky can always find him. Also, to keep lucky out of dangerous areas of the home he puts strong smells like lemon juice.

He said: ‘He lives life to the full. He has a great sense of smell, he can smell things from so far away, he must be compensating for having no eyes. He loves getting petted and made attention of.”

(via Daily Mail)