In memory of Lady


I am still in shock that Lady has passed away last night. The day before she was her happy, playful self and than yesterday she went down hill. In the morning Lady was vomiting and had bloody diarrhea so we decided the best thing to do was to take her to the vet. The vet said he will run some tests and let us know what is going on. He called back in the afternoon and said she had pancreatits and inflamed liver which meant she would have to stay at the vet until Sunday. Which I knew it had to do with her pancreas, but I never thought it would be what would take her from this earth. But it was. That night the vet called and said her heart stopped. They said they got it to start again but to come right over. When we got there and I saw her laying on the table I knew it was not good. Her eyes were all glazed over and she was not there. Only reason she was breathing was because of the breathing machine she was on. So, my mom and I decided to let her go. My heart is crushed right now but I know she is in a better place. I just can’t believe she is gone so suddenly from my life. I decided to write a letter to Lady, because she meant the world to me….


Dear Lady,

Do they have a buffet at the Rainbow Bridge for you? They must, because it is Heaven. I bet you are eating lots of steak and milkbones right now. It is funny, just the other day I was reminded of the time when we took you and Princess to the Pup-tober fest in Sussex County and how you stole my hotdog. That is my favorite memory of you.

I will never forget the day we brought you home. The shelter called you a BITER. I don’t blame you because I would have bitten those men too, who handled dogs so roughly at the shelter. We knew there was more to you besides those teeth. I am glad Mom fought to bring you home with us because you transformed into a beautiful dog. I remember how you were so scared with your tail between your legs but once you got in our car you totally changed. That was the first time I saw your smile. I don’t know how your previous owners could leave you in such a dark and cold place but I am happy they did. Because you became ours and we did everything to give you the best life you could have.

You turned out to be a great dog. I worked a lot with you. The first day you were at our house I taught you what a belly rub was. You sure loved those! You hated having your ears cleaned and I taught you I could do it gently. You also used to hate being groomed and you turned out to be the easiest to shave and clip. That’s right girlfriend, even easier than the Princess!

Why did you have to leave so suddenly? I know it was quick and you didn’t suffer but it was so unexpected. I had it in my head that you would be home in a few days. But God took you the first night you were at the vet’s. When the vet called and told Mom your heart stopped and they brought you back, I knew it wasn’t good. I really tried to stay strong but when I saw you on that table I knew it was time to let you go. Can you thank Grandpa for me? I know he made sure I was around to say goodbye to you.

Christmas is not going to be as merry with you gone. I am going to try to cook some good food this Christmas and I wish you could be here to share it with us. I know you would have loved it. I know your spirit will be with us but I am going to miss your presence. The pack is not the same without you here. Neither is the house. Every time I walk into the kitchen I expect you to be there. I love you beautiful girl.


Your Family 


Here is a memorial video for Lady. She will always be remembered and never forgotten from our hearts and minds. We will see her again at the Rainbow Bridge.