No place like home

The bond between a person and a dog can be unbreakable. I know nothing can get in between me and my dogs. They complete me and make my life whole.

It is like the bond between Sweet Pea and her mom. I took her home today because her owner was missing her too much. Its good to know that her owner can still have her around for now. Hopefully they can stay together with no road blocks getting in their way. I know I could never leave my pups behind. They are family and I love them so much. But I will tell you. It was a joy taking care of Sweet Pea overnight. She is definitely a sweetie!

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  1. renai says

    Thank you for taking care of my sweet pea, and thank you so much for bringing her home to me today couldn’t go another night with out her. Love the blogs…. I’m glad there is a true animal lover as yourself to rescue these beautiful creatures! Thank you again ..I’m your hair slave for infinite and beyond!

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