Dog Separation Anxiety – Cure It Before It Gets Worse!






Dog separation anxiety is the dog behavior problem where a dog shows signs of stress and panic. A dog expresses a unique behavioral change whenever he senses a separation from his dear owner. Dog separation anxiety is generally referred to a situation where a dog gets excited and starts behaving in a different demeanor every time their owner leaves or comes back home. A dog usually expresses his anxiety and sadness whenever he senses a separation from his owner. This situation can easily disturb the dog’s mental health and can cause health ailments. As a dog owner you should be careful and take all theprecautionary measures and research cures to help with your dog’s anxiety before it worsens. [Read more…]

Why do dogs kick grass?

A lot of dogs after going to the bathroom will kick their back paws. Why do they do that?

Dogs are territorial animals that will do all they can to let other dogs know where they were. All dogs have glands in their paws that secrete pheromones that are unique to each individual dog. The pheromones are activated when the dog kick their paws back. Its another way a dog marks its territory besides their feces and urine.

If you watch your dog in your backyard he probably doesnt kick his back paws. But if you take him on a walk where other dogs pass through he will kick his paws back to mark his territory.