Health benefits of pumpkin for your dogs

I never knew this but pumpkin is actually good for your dog. I am talking about natural pumpkin canned (unsweetened), cooked fresh pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. Its not healthy to give your dog pumpkin pie or a pumpkin that been sitting outside gathering bacteria. You don’t want your dog jumping off the walls because of the sugar from the pie or getting sick from bacteria. You can keep your dog healthy but also be able to give them pumpkin to enjoy.

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There are three main health benefits of pumpkin for dogs that I read on care2.

1. Fiber: Pumpkin has a lot of fiber in it which is great for dogs AND humans. Pureed pumpkin (sugar free) can help dogs with diarrhea or constipation. You can give them a tablespoon or two depending on your dogs size regregularly to help them go to the bathroom regularly if they have some trouble doing so.

2. Urinary Health: Pumpkin seeds have a high in fatty acids and antioxidants which is good for fur and skin health. Pumpkin seeds and pumpkins flesh is a great source of Vitamin A, potassium, and iron. There are signs that it may also reduce the risk of your dog getting cancer.

3. Weight loss: If your dog is over weight and needs to lose some pounds here is a little idea to help your dog out. You can remove a portion of your dogs food and replace it with canned pumpkin. Dogs seem to naturally love pumpkin and it will fill their bellies up just like their food would.

So dont worry, giving your dog pumpkin is not bad. If you want to make your dog some pumpkin treats go for it! They would love it and so would their body. Here are some links to already made pumpkin treats for your dogs to enjoy.

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