Are carrots safe for your dog?

It’s very important to be aware of what you feed your dog. There are a lot of foods that are safe for dogs but there are also foods that can be very dangerous. Always ask your vet or research before giving your dog something.


Can dogs eat carrots?
Yes, they can! My dogs love carrots. I actually chop up raw carrots and put them in my dogs kibble to make it more intriguing for them. It works!

The difference between raw and cooked carrots.
Either cooked or raw carrots are safe for your dogs. There are just some differences to know between the two to decide what you prefer.

Raw: Your dog can’t absorb any of the nutrition from a raw carrot but it has fiber which is good for your pup. The fiber in a carrot can help with regulating your dogs stools and helps if your dog has been having loose poop.
Also, raw carrots can help clean your dogs teeth and make a great low fat treat.
Cooked: Once carrots are cooked, it opens all the nutritional value for your dog. Carrots are high in vitamin A and beta carotene. These help with eyesight and heart disease in your dogs. Also, it supports skin and coat health.

So, share those carrots with your pups (if they will eat them).


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