Senior Sunday (10-28-12)

Every dog deserves a forever home, including senior dogs. Just because they may have a white face and don’t walk as fast doesn’t mean they aren’t good pets. They still have all the love in the world to share with everyone. I have a special place in my heart for seniors, so every Sunday I am going to share a list of senior dogs that need homes. No senior dog deserves to die homeless.

Labrador retriever/hound mix in Charlotte, NC

Schnauzer mix in Clearwater, FL

Labrador retriever mix in Mount Holly, NJ

Chow chow mix in Beaumont, TX

Poodle in Chaska, MN

Chihuahua mix in Higley, AZ

Husky mix in Mohnton, PA

Labrador retriever mix in Santa Maria, CA

Boxer mix in Maryville, TN

If you can adopt one of these senior dogs that is great. If you cant at least share these senior faces with people you know. Every senior deserves a family.


Preparing your dog for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is heading up the east coast of the USA and I have prepared and I hope all of you have too. I am not talking about just preparing for the worse scenario. I am talking about if you can’t go out because of the horrible rain and winds that Sandy is bringing with her, what do you have to survive inside? You must plan ahead. Can you and your dog(s) survive inside if you lose electricity and heat? Think about all the situations that can happen and make sure you are prepared. Hurricane Sandy is coming fast and she is not planning on being innocent. So, here are some questions to ask yourself.

1. Do you have enough dog food?
Hurricanes bring heavy rain and gusty winds. That means there can be a lot of flooding or trees down. Also, you don’t want to go driving around during a hurricane because it is dangerous. The best thing to do is check how much dog food and if it is not enough get some more. You want your dog to be able to eat and not starve.

2. What if I can’t walk my dog or send my dog in the backyard?
This is a very common question you think about during hurricanes. Plus, there are a lot of dogs that don’t like going outside in the rain. You see, my dogs aren’t fans of heavy rain so this is a common problem I have to deal with. Dogs soiling your house is never a nice experience. I recommend stocking up on pee pee pads for your dogs. Put them in a few places and hopefully your dog uses them. If you let your dogs outside when there is a hurricane make sure to keep a close eye on them to make sure they are safe and don’t get hurt.

3. How do I keep my dog warm or cool if the electricity goes out?
Losing electricity is a very common during storms. Especially during hurricanes and tornadoes. I know I had losing electricity and I bet you do too but we can’t prevent it happening. All we can do is prepare for it. So, if it is cold in your area and you lose electricity make sure to have plenty of blankets around to keep you and your dogs warm. Now, if it is hot in your area the most important thing to do is have water for your dog. Maybe even ice cubes in the freezer. Just don’t open the fridge or freezer door too much or the cool air gets out. Also, keep your dog calm so your dog doesn’t get hot quickly.

4. How do I escape my house/apartment if there is an emergency?
I know a lot of you already have an emergency escape plan for your family but the biggest mistake a lot of families make is forgetting to include your dogs into the escape route. You should plan how you are going to get your dogs out and what they are going to need. A good idea is before the hurricane comes put a bag together of items (medicine, food, water) your dog is going to have to have if you leave your house in an emergency.

5. What if my dog freaks out?
Most dogs can sense a hurricane from a distance or just get really nervous during a bad storm. Keeping your dog calm is important. It will ease the stress of you and reduces the risk of your dog getting hurt. Every dog is different so I cant say what is the best way to keep your dog calm but it is always good to have a dog crate around. Lets say your dog is running back and forth and is over exerting itself. Putting your dog in a dog crate will reduce the ability of your dog running into things and knowing your dog is safe will help you relax. Some dogs just need to be talked to in a soft voice or held for the dog to calm down. It all depends on your dog. The last thing you want to do is yell and get frustrated with your dog because it only make the matters worse.

Remember, you can never over plan for all the different situations that can happen during a hurricane. Make sure you have everything you need and everything your dogs need. If you are prepared you will stress less and your dogs will stress less too. Hurricane Sandy is coming up fast and she is ready to make an appearance. Lets all make sure our dogs are prepared.

Dogs enjoying Autumn (10 photos)

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. Leaves are changing color and the plants are getting ready to disappear for winter. Dogs also enjoy it. Either they are jumping in leaves, chewing on pumpkins or just enjoying the cooler weather. Dogs seem to enjoy Autumn more than humans do!

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Doggyloot Smear Campaign Poop Bags

As you know election time is here. The time is getting closer and closer for you to make a decision. Now you can let the world know who you are against by picking up your dogs poop with one of the Smear Campaign poop bags. Not only will these bags tell the world who you are against but they are also 100% bio-degradable. You get 160 bags to smear poop on the candidate that you dont like.You and your pup are now voting together.

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Pool dogs (11 photos)

A lot of dogs enjoy swimming in pools in the summer. Even when its not summer but the summer time is always the best time. Especially, when its scorching hot outside. Sometimes it seems dogs have more fun in the pool than we do. Here are some wonderful photos of dogs enjoying pool time.

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These photos make me want to get my bathing suit on and go for a swim. You wont see my dogs hang out in a pool. They prefer being dry than wet. Maybe if I coax them in with steak. But anyways, hope you enjoyed the pool dog photos.
Do your dogs go swimming in a pool? Do your dogs even like water?

What a dog says about a man

Seeing a certain dog with a man can make you think certain things about him. Some people say a man with a big dog is more manly than a man with a small dog. Other people say a man with a small dog is likely to be homosexual.
What do you see when a man has a certain type of dog?

Adopt Muffy a bichon frise poodle mix (NJ)

bichon frise poodle mix
Hamilton, NJ
Muffy was found as a stray on the streets with heart pneumonia and congestive heart failure. The shelter she was at was going to euthanize her because of her illness. But luckily, the Pet Rescue of Mercer saved her. She is around 8 or 9 years old and loves everyone. Even dogs, cats and children! She is very well behaved and has a calm personality. Muffy’s heart disease is under control now and takes medicine for it daily. If you have a place in your heart for this special girl, let her in.
Check her out on Petfinder

Oliver’s mud mittens

A new dog fashion is out and its called mud mittens. As you can see Oliver is a supporter of it. He went romping in the backyard last night after it rained all day. When he went out he was white. When he came back he was brown. I thought somebody took Oliver and replaced him with a different dog.
I personally thought it was cute and funny. Mom thought so too but she was not going to let this little dirty dog in her bed. So, i was forced to wash him up or listen to him cry all night wanting to sleep with mom. I was planning on washing him this weekend but I guess he wanted to get washed sooner. Now he is back to looking like the handsome boy he is. Plus, he smells good!
Do your dogs wear mud mittens too?