Senior Sunday (1-6-13)

The first Senior Sunday of 2013 is here…


Tilly (AZ)
brussels griffon shih tzu mix
loves people and dogs


Mari (TX)


Grace (IL)
american staffordshire terrier
very sweet girl that needs to be the only pet in the house.


Russell (SC)
poodle jack russell terrier mix
Sweet and may have cataracts.


Nina (NJ)
looking for a quiet calm home that she can adjust to


Allie (OH)
Husky labrador retriever mix
she is well behaved and is good with dogs, cats and kids.

Senior Sunday (12-30-12)

I know I am late on posting Senior Sunday but I can still post it since it is still Sunday in certain parts of the world. Phew…now lets get to these sweet senior dogs.

Emmie (OH)
yellow labrador retriever
this sweet girl is friendly and needs a responsible owner who can take care of her medical issues.

Crissy (LA)

Suzi (FL)
australian shepherd
she is 12 years old and doesnt like cats or dogs the same size as her

Hugo (FL)
shih tzu mix

The Shelter Pups

I was scrolling through Pinterest (yes I am pintaholic) and I came across this awesome website called The Shelter Pups. They create customized stuffed dogs that you can adopt like a real dog. But, the cool thing is they can make a stuffed dog look just like your dog. All you have to do is send a photo of your dog to them and they do the magic.

The stuffed pups may be a bit pricey but its definitely worth it since you can decide to donate the money to your local shelter. Now, what can be better than that! Maybe one day I will have them create a stuffed pup of one of my dogs. Oliver with his black patch would make a cute stuffed animal. Oh wait, he already looks like one! Anyways, if you would like your own dog created into a plush dog just click here.

Senior Sunday (12-23-12)

Christmas is almost here and there are hundreds of senior dogs in shelters and rescues looking to be adopted. Here are some senior dogs wishing to have a home this holiday season.

labrador retriever, chow chow mix
This sweet girl is 10 years old and has good leash manners.


beagle, terrier mix
He is around 10 years old and loves attention and treats.

australian cattle dog
He is affectionate

shepherd mix
He loves people, mellow and is around 10 years old.

terrier, schnauzer mix
She loves people and attention.

australian sheperd mix
She is 10 years old and is a calm girl.

Hope these sweet seniors get the best gift they could ever receive…a home this holiday.

Merry Christmas from my pack to yours

Christmas is just around the corner (time flies so fast) and every year the center of my Christmas cards is my pack. I mean just look at them, they can make anyone smile. This year I didn’t really create a card online or offline but this photo pretty much says everything. Who needs words when a photo can speak for itself?

Below are individual photos of each of my dogs showing their Christmas spirit to you all.







I will tell you, it is no easy task catching a pack photo that looks great. Every second one of the dogs looks away, closes its eyes or jumps off the couch. Treats help but patience is the main key. I took about a hundred or so photos and kept only a few of them. But the ones that I kept really expressed the pack.

Anyways, enough about my pack, what about yours. Do you include them in your Christmas card? During Christmas how do you capture your dog in the Christmas spirit? If I do not write on Christmas, I hope everyone has a joyful and safe Christmas!

Dogs in Christmas Hats

December is here and Christmas is just around the corner. As you are running around buying gifts and preparing the Christmas tree, take a break and look at these cute dogs in Christmas hats. They definitely will make you smile and remember the joy of Christmas.

via toxeh











via airdna




Senior Sunday (12-2-12)

Another Sunday is here and these senior dogs need homes.

Kipsy is a 9 year old boxer mix. She is super friendly and walks well on a leash.

Milo is a senior retriever mix

Sophie is a senior husky, labrador retriever mix. She is super sweet.

Precious is a 9 year old labrador retriever mix. She loves to be right by her human and her favorite toy is tennis balls.

Methusaleh is senior terrier who is quiet. He is only 10 pounds and would make a perfect lap dog.

Hope these cuties get adopted soon.